Dead By Moonlight - 2023

Type of project

game development

Stack used

Unreal Engine 5

Project description

Dead by Moonlight is an asymmetrical horror game in which players can take on the role of survivors or killers. Players playing as survivors must repair five generators scattered across the map in order to escape the killer. However, the killer is after them and if he catches them, they will be knocked out of the game immediately. Survivors can hide, sprint, jump over obstacles, and work together to repair generators faster.

The killer, meanwhile, is tasked with tracking down and eliminating the survivors before they have time to repair the generators and escape.

The game is intense and stressful, with moments of high tension as players try to hide and avoid the killer. The map is dark and gloomy, adding to the sinister atmosphere of the game.

Dead by Moonlight is an exciting and terrifying game that will test your survival or killer skills. Players must be prepared to face intense moments and make quick decisions to survive or hunt their prey.